Which Cars Will Save You Money

Of course at BuyYourDiesel we encourage motorists to look at all options when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. Diesel and petrol engines have different benefits for different people, but ultimately people choose a diesel engine if they believe that they can save a greater amount on fuel over a period of time than the additional cost of a diesel car. To aid you in your decision making we have listed a few popular models and outlined roughly how long or how many miles you’d have to cover to get your money back.

Fiat 500 – Don’t Do It

Considering you would probably be covering most of your miles in and around the city in a Fiat 500, you’d have to travel in excess of 90,000 miles to make your money back if you opted for the diesel engine, which is £2,400 extra to buy. Needless to say there certainly won’t be a great deal of 500 drivers who will cover anywhere near this number of miles – we advise you to stick to the trusty petrol model.

Skoda Octavia – Don’t Do It

Like the Fiat 500, you would need to cover around 30,000 miles a year over a three year period before making your money back with the diesel engine in a Skoda Octavia, as it costs £3,190 more to buy. You’re more likely to do this than in the Fiat, but we would still say it’s probably not worth moving from the petrol.

BMW 3 Series – Could Be Worth It

One model which may save you money if you’re a high mileage driver is the BMW 3 Series. With the 2 litre diesel engine you’d have to cover roughly 17,000 miles a year for three years before it was cheaper than its petrol counterpart, which is perfectly feasible if you’re a regular on the motorway.

Peugeot RCZ – Do It

As soon as you have travelled around 38,000 miles in your diesel Peugeot RCZ you have saved money on the petrol version, and from now on the more miles you cover the more you’ll be saving. In a sporty coupe such as this it is easy to rack up the miles, and a diesel engine should contribute to better residual values too, so we advise you to definitely go for it over the petrol.